Las Vegas High Roller

Las Vegas Half-Billion Dollar Big Wheel Completion

Now the worlds largest Ferris Wheel in the world, Las Vegas brings out the LINQ standing about 9ft taller then the Singapore Flyer since March 2008 The High Roller stands 550 feet tall with 28 cars and capable of holding around 40 passengers per car. This giant wheel is said to take around 30 minutes for a full revolution. The is illuminated nightly at sunset with 2,000-LED system. These color changing lights have multiple colors to dance around the wheel with special themes during events and holidays. Krankheitserreger können wie schreibt man fertig leichter eindringen. Stated that this 55 story wheel will be opening sometime in March, news reporters mentioned  it will cost around $30 per person. Located behind The Quad Resort and Casino, this mega structure is easy to see from every point in Las Vegas. Keep your ears open for the exact grand opening date while the last-minute touches take place.